Last night was my first indie improv show ever! Man, was it fun. It was at Under St. Marks and was hosted by Thank You, Robot. My team, Dirty Little Thursday, did a really fun set. I am still smiling. The audience was awesome, the other teams were awesome (shout out to the other team there, Dig Dig Dig), and it felt great to finally perform with this group of talented people!

We did a documentary opening followed by a Slacker. The main characteristic of a Slacker is you follow one of the characters from scene to scene. Come out to one our next show and check us out–this next one is free, even!

Nov 5 at 9:30 pm at Triple Crown.
Dirty Little Thursday.
Cleverness will abound,
As will laughter.

Please look at my vlogs. I will list them below. There are only two right now, so you won’t be overwhelmed.

1. Ghost Gingers aka Gingers Applying Makeup.

2. Hair and Taxes.



Dirty Little Debut and all things Vlogtastic.

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Battle of the Belting Bitches: Champ!

A fun evening of belting and $100 later, I am this week’s winner of The Battle of the Belting Bitches at Bartini. The hosts, Hernando Umana and Kelly King, are incredible. I had a wonderful time! Diva tag using “The Wizard and I” is definitely something I need to repeat. Naomi, my fierce competition, was amazing.

Stay tuned for details on the All-Stars competition where the winner gets $300!

Ping and placement,


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SVA Live Action Short Film Festival/BUBBLE GIRL Premiere

I attended my first ever movie premiere! I viewed eight SVA graduate student films, including the one I had the pleasure of being in, BUBBLE GIRL, directed by Jiyeon Song. The talent in that room was so impressive. WOW. I know I will witness each of these students soaring in the entertainment industry. Also, it was great to reconnect with some of the people I worked with on the film. Congratulations to the cast and crew of BUBBLE GIRL for a successful premiere!

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Improv 401 Show (1 of 3)

One down, two to go! Will Hines’s Saturday afternoon Improv 401 class was prettttttty funny, if you ask me. We were divided into two teams. Mine was called “Dynasty.” We performed a Harold. It went well. If you come to the next one, I’ll probably be wearing turquoise again.

The next two shows, by the way, are:

June 24th at 5:45p
July 15th at 5:45p

You can find us at 307 W. 26th St at UCB-Chelsea! 

Don’t think.
<3 Rachel

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I was just sent the link to the reel for BUBBLE GIRL, the student film I worked on earlier this year. It’s looking great and I can’t wait to see it! Jiyeon Song, the director, is truly a huge talent and I’m thrilled to have worked on this film. Check out the link to the reel here.

As always, thanks for stopping by. More updates coming soon.

<3 Rachel

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You Heard It Here First Podcast

Last night, I took the B train to Brooklyn to record my first podcast! Katie Vohwinkel, a good friend from North Carolina as well as a talented actress, invited me and Jenna Lipe to read a sketch for her podcast, You Heard It Here First. What a fun evening! It was so invigorating to collaborate with my creative peers, and it’s motivating me to put my creative ideas in motion.

For what it’s worth, this is the bio that will appear on the website soon:

Rachel is a recent graduate of the University of Michigan’s Musical Theatre program. Since being in the city, she was on the ABC television show Pan Am and is now a proud member of SAG-AFTRA. She is also takes advanced improv classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade. In five years or less, Rachel will be known for her comedic acting on a network television show, her bizarre yet incredible cabaret series, and her side-career of personal training, the infamous “Bahler Bootcamp.” Rachel is an avid consumer of organic avocados.

As always, thanks for checking out my site!


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Rockers Anonymous: Southern Comfort

Rockers Anonymous: Southern Comfort!!!!!!! Tomorrow at 9:30 p.m. at the Underground Lounge (955 West End Avenue–corner of 107&WEA)

I was excited about this all along, but after rehearsing this afternoon with the AMAZING BAND, Stirfry Massacre (including James L’Esperance, Bayard Russell, Jason Lang, and Mark Ayesh), I can’t stop grinning about it. They are INCREDIBLE. I mean, I would love if you came and heard the song I sing, but it is more important for you to come to hear them play “Free Bird.”

So excited to be a part of this impressive lineup tomorrow night. :-D

<3 Rachel

Broadway World article:
Playbill article:

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