There’s A New Day Comin’ Soon!


Hello! I am so thrilled I can finally announce that I will be playing Eden Brent in the first national tour of the BULLETS OVER BROADWAY, a Susan Stroman musical based on the Woody Allen film of the same name. Check out the press releases below and see which performances you can attend. I’m so excited about this kooky character I get to play of the next 10 months!

TV spot

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Long Time No Update!

Jekyll and Hyde


I have been sidetracked from updating here and wanted to take a moment to outline the top latest developments in my career:

1. Accomplice The Show: I’ve continued working at Accomplice and I am having a blast. In the spring, there will be two new Accomplice shows opening in the city, so stay tuned!

2. The Growing Studio. Just about a year ago I started taking classes with these wonderful, knowledgeable folks. It helped me get grounded in what type I am and what I can best contribute to the business.

3. Dating & Auditioning: The Webseries. We shot everything this summer and what a fun experience it was! Alexandra Eden wrote the entire thing. Take the time to watch the whole series. I’m featured in episode 6 and episode 10.

4. Jekyll & Hyde National Tour. Since September, I have been touring the nation as Lady Beaconsfield in TMA’s national tour of Jekyll & Hyde. What an adventure! I am so excited to take my career to the next level and to see what is next when the contract ends at the end of March. Check out our tour schedule here.

5. Baby’s First Reel! Thank you SkyTown Entertainment for helping me put together my first reel. Have a look here and tell me what you think!




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Rose Petals

Rose Petals

My first NYMF production! It’s been such a blast. I can’t believe it’s already coming to a close.

Directed by Celine Rosenthal.
Book & Lyrics by Sarah Rebell.
Music by Lizzie Hagstedt.
Music Directed by Karl Michael Johnson.

Starring Charissa Bertels, Lisa Brescia, Ken Clark, Cooper Grodin, Julie Hanson and Remy Zaken with Rachel Bahler, Haley Greenstein, Jeff Manno, Amanda Savan, Emily Stokes and David Alan Thornton.

July 12th at 3pm & 7pm.
July 14th at 7pm.

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Accomplice: The Village



I forgot to say this! What?! I’m so silly. Starting last December, I booked ACCOMPLICE: THE VILLAGE. It’s so much fun. I actually can’t say much more than that because the whole point of the show is to not know. But I’m going on tomorrow!

Book your tickets and see it, especially now that it’s nice outside:

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Rockers Anonymous: The Hostess With The Mostess

This past Monday, I expanded my horizons as a performer by hosting for the first time. I’ve sung in these concerts twice so far, and this time I hosted Rockers Anonymous. A dream come true! It was a night full of incredible performances, and in the process, I learned that I LOVE HOSTING.

Check out the Playbill and BroadwayWorld articles about it.

In conclusion:

If you ever need a hostess, I’m the hostess with the mostess.
If you ever need a host, call Mike Kelton.

We’re both gingers, which is excellent.

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Goodbye, 2012! A few last gems.

2012 was great. I did a few things in December I wanted to put out into the World Wide Web before embarking on the adventure I like to call 2013!

1) I was one of the actors in Ryan Karels’ Sketch 301 class show. That was a lot of fun. I hope to do more of these shows soon.

2) Non-Equity Dinner Theatre Spotted! A fun web series I co-host with the writer, Tim Murray. Here’s a link to the second episode; the third is due any day now!

3) OFF THE WALL. I played the role of Mona Lisa in Danny Abosch and Sarah Rebell‘s thesis musical, OFF THE WALL. I can’t even begin to tell you how talented they are and how awesome the musical is already, and it’s not even done yet! Just you wait, Henry Higgins.

4) ACCOMPLICE: THE VILLAGE. I performed through the holidays, and I’m the understudy going forward. If you haven’t seen this show yet, do it. I saw the show before I performed, and I thought it was a ton of fun. It’s a great way to get to know the West Village if it’s confusing to you, and it’s a well-oiled machine of a show you shouldn’t miss. So…sign up! Get tickets! And I’ll let you know when I’m performing next, though it might be better to see it without me so you are on your toes. It’s a mystery, after all.

That’s it for now.

HELLO, 2013! Let’s do this.

xo Rachel

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I am so excited to be a part of the first NYC workshop of HADESTOWN, a new folk opera. Today was the first day of rehearsals. WOW!!! What awesome music (check out the website).

It feels amazing to:

A) Be in a room full of awesome artists who inspire me and who make me want to act all shy and demure because I’m intimidated, but I actively try to fight that urge because it’s not helpful,

B) Read a call sheet,

C) Be paid to do what I love, and

D) Start November in this way, and

E) Sightread. Sightreading is fun and I miss doing it all the time.

Anyway, I’m thrilled to be doing this workshop and I am so thankful to Howie Cherpakov casting.

OH. And on an entirely separate note, this coming Monday (Nov 5) at 9:30pm, why don’t you traipse over to the Triple Crown and see Dirty Little Thursday perform at Half Past Nelson’s show? Awesome lineup. No admission fees.

Love and Hurricanes,


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