20 Oct

Last night was my first indie improv show ever! Man, was it fun. It was at Under St. Marks and was hosted by Thank You, Robot. My team, Dirty Little Thursday, did a really fun set. I am still smiling. The audience was awesome, the other teams were awesome (shout out to the other team there, Dig Dig Dig), and it felt great to finally perform with this group of talented people!

We did a documentary opening followed by a Slacker. The main characteristic of a Slacker is you follow one of the characters from scene to scene. Come out to one our next show and check us out–this next one is free, even!

Nov 5 at 9:30 pm at Triple Crown.
Dirty Little Thursday.
Cleverness will abound,
As will laughter.

Please look at my vlogs. I will list them below. There are only two right now, so you won’t be overwhelmed.

1. Ghost Gingers aka Gingers Applying Makeup.

2. Hair and Taxes.



Dirty Little Debut and all things Vlogtastic.

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